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82 add

The curency do not Work on iOS 8

Bad no update

Not User Friendly

This unit converter does the job, but it doesnt remember your last conversion for each unit type. For instance if you normally convert degrees Celsius to Fahrenheit, youll be frustrated each time you go to temperature and find that (as an example) the units are reset to convert Kelvin to Kelvin. Also you have to access the popup keyboard for number entry. Too many clicks and scrolls for efficient use. I sent similar comments to the developer, with no response. Choose a different converter. Too bad this one didnt work for me, as I liked the basic interface.

Best of the best

After the last update, this App became the one of the best. Very easy to use, fast, and very convenient. Keep up the good work.


Very easy to use.Very helpfull.A MUST HAVE APP.Good work people.

Worth the 99 cents

Overall, very pleased with the program. I am not sure where the currency conversions are coming from and I found them to be off by a couple of cents. So be aware when converting large numbers. Also it would be nice to add VOLTS and AMPS to the app. There is already a WATTS and KILOWATTS so it only makes sense. Very good program.

Smart Lil tool to have around

Its free and you never know when you need it. I used it few times. Works very well and nicly disigned


Doesnt bug, easy to use. I like it!


Try other apps instead, this one stinks. Its not user friendly. I uninstall it almost right away, dont even try it even if its free. Try HiConverter instead... the currency converter is better, you can personalize it... has more conversion too.


The only problem of this app is its not free... But 99cents is very much worth it foe what it does! Not once did I need it and not find the answer I needed. And it doesnt just sits there like so many other apps : I used it many times already in the less than 2 months Ive had it. A great investment.

New feature is wrong.

Good app - does what you need it to do. Just got the update, however, and the new l/100km to mpg calculation is very wrong and need to be fixed.


Flawless app use it almost everyday!

Get it, well worth it

Worth the money

Great app!!

Well worth the .99 use it every day could use some colour in the next update.

This is a winner!

Besides being easy and intuitive to use, this App has a large number of choices for each conversion factor, with more being added as time goes on. I wouldnt want to be without this essential tool. You should get this one, you wont be disappointed!


Simple and quick!!!! Must have

Well done

Very easy, very fast. A must-have for math dummies like me

The Best One

Convert dollars to Cambodian riels! Seriously? With the new currency update iConvert is easily the best converter you can get. Period.

Nice & simple

Well done. Nice, simple & Fast

No very small values

I would really like there to be some smaller volumes. I work in a Microbiologie lab and we work with nanograms and microleters. If you could enable theses small values that would be amazing.

App crashes

App crashes on iOS 6.1 I love the app, just need to get that fixed. Have noticed that with a lot of apps not working after the 6.1 update

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